What Are Ways to Kill Bedbugs?


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Kill off bedbugs by vacuuming them, steaming them, washing infected linens in very hot water and with judicious application of bedbug-specific insecticide. It takes regular, consistent maintenance to kill off a bed bug infestation.

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What Are Ways to Kill Bedbugs?
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Bedbugs are parasitic insects that feed on human hosts' blood at night. As such their infestations are very unpleasant. Getting rid of bedbugs requires multiple approaches and repeated inspections to keep them under control.

  1. Wash linens and clothing
  2. Wash every linen, blanket or item of clothing from an infected room in water that is at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything that cannot be immediately washed should be double-bagged in sealed trash bags.

  3. Vacuum everything
  4. Vacuum the floors, furniture and walls in the room. It is necessary to get into the crevices around baseboards and on mattresses to get at where they are hiding. Use the nozzle attachment and really scrape at these spots to remove eggs.

  5. Steam the bedbugs
  6. Get a steam cleaner and use it on all of the same spots that were vacuumed, and anywhere else that might hide a bedbug. The high temperature of the steam kills bedbugs and their eggs.

  7. Insecticide spray
  8. Apply an insecticide spray made specifically to kill bedbugs. Some of these insecticides are very toxic, so look for one that is safe to use in the bedroom. Spray inside crevices, cracks, on and under furniture. It may even be necessary to spray behind wall sockets and light fixtures.

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