What Are Ways to Install a SkyScan Atomic Wall Clock on a Wall?

Most models of Skyscan Atomic Clocks have holes, referred to by the manufacturer as hanging holes, on their backs. These holes allow the clock to fit and hang snugly on wall-mounting screws. The placement of the wall-mounting screws and the clock's distance from the transmitter depend on the clock's model.

Skyscan Atomic Clocks provides owner's manuals for all its available models at SkyscanAtomicClocks.com. Many models have the option of being displayed on the wall or free-standing, and the owner's manual contains instructions for both methods appropriate to each model. For example, to install model number 86722 on the wall, use a straightedge to mark three horizontal spots 3-15/16 of an inch apart at the desired hanging location, ensuring that the location is within the transmitter's range, recommends Skyscan Atomic Clocks. Next, drive three wall-mounting screws into the marks made, leaving 3/16 of an inch of the screws extending from the wall. Position the clock's hanging holes over the screws and then lightly pull the clock downward to slot the screws into place.

Once locations for the clock and the transmitter are selected, wait at least 10 minutes before properly installing either device to ensure there is reception between the clock and the transmitter, notes Skyscan Atomic Clocks. Each model has a maximum reception range that is noted in the owner's manual.