What Are Some Ways to Incorporate Southwestern Style Into Your Bedroom?


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Ways to incorporate southwestern style into a bedroom include painting the walls bright colors, decorating with traditional figurines and using cactus plants. Using furniture made from natural materials also helps instill southwestern style into the space.

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Painting the walls with bright, bold colors such as clay orange, yellow, turquoise, cactus green and deep purple, helps create a southwestern vibe in your room. These colors evoke the landscape and sunset of the Southwest. Besides painting the walls, use rugs, throw pillows or wall hangings in this color palette.

Another way to incorporate southwestern style into a bedroom is to decorate it with traditional Mexican or Native American figurines. Common examples of these include images of geckos, which are types of lizards native to the Southwestern states, or Kokopelli, which is a Native American fertility deity often seen in southwestern decor.

Furniture made from natural materials, particularly knobby pine, is also good to use in a southwestern-themed bedroom. Other types of natural or textured wood work as well, but knobby pine is considered the most appropriate as it is readily found in the Southwest.

Cactus plants are an additional southwestern element suitable for bedrooms. Cactus plants come in many sizes and varieties and are ideal for areas of the bedroom with little traffic.

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