What Are Some Ways to Hang Flower Pots?


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Devices used to hang the planters include hooks, brackets or even decorative fabric hangers, like woven macramé holders. Flower pots may be hung from the upper trim of a porch, on fences and even on the tops and sides of gazebos and pergolas. Indoor pots do best if hung from the ceiling in places that get lots of natural sunlight and are out of reach of the family pet.

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Hooks work well when hanging planters along the edges of a porch or patio cover. A hole is drilled into the underside of the porch frame and either a hook or bracket is installed. Hook-to-hook or hook-to-bracket installations work well, as long as the porch frame is strong enough to support the hanging basket. The weight of the basket, the soil, the plants and water must be accounted for. Keep the baskets out of the way so they aren't accidentally knocked down.

The easiest way to hang baskets on a fence is to install oversized hooks wherever you want the planters. One cute idea is to use old rain boots that are filled with flowers. Most varieties have a tab at the back which holds a hook or wire nicely. Use the hook-to-hook or wire-to-hook method.

Gazebos and pergolas offer plenty of space where flower pots can hang. Gazebos have an upper frame that works the same as the porch frame. Pergolas are free-standing structures with a roof but no sides. The roof is usually slatted, which provides lots of natural light. In a pergola, flower pots may be hung around the edges or from the slats on the roof. Hooks usually work best.

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