What Are Some Ways to Fold Napkins so They Look Fancy?


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Two folds that make napkins look fancy include the crown fold and the diamond arrow fold. Both folds are simple and only take a few minutes each.

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What Are Some Ways to Fold Napkins so They Look Fancy?
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For a crown fold, fold a flat napkin across its diagonal to form a triangle. Hold the napkin with the 90-degree angle opposite to your body, and fold in the left and right corners towards the tip, forming two triangles with their bases touching each other. Fold the bottom corner of the napkin up to the center. Then flip the napkin over, fold the left-hand side one-third of the way, and then fold the right-hand side into the left side. Finally, turn the napkin over, and pull the two tips down towards the bottom-left and bottom-right.

To make the diamond arrow shape, fold a flat napkin in half horizontally, leaving the open end of the napkin parallel to and towards your body. Then fold the napkin in half vertically, and orient the napkin into a diamond shape with the open sides pointing away from you. Next, fold down the four tips of the napkin to form concentric triangles. Finally, turn the napkin over, and fold the left side and right side of the napkin under and in to form the diamond shape.

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