What Are Some Ways to Fix Leaky Hot Tubs?


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Methods for fixing a leaky hot tub include replacing the water pump, tightening the union fittings, modifying the valve gaskets or patching holes on the pipes. Some hot tub leaks also result form breaks or ruptures in the shell, which may require covering the area with a sealant or replacing one of the connecting components.

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Failing or malfunctioning water pumps are a common cause for hut tub leaks, as this is the mechanism that controls the flow of water into the basin. If the pump motor breaks or one of its seals weakens, it may be possible to remove the unit and make minor modifications rather than replacing the entire device. Another frequent cause of leaks involves the union fittings that create the seals on the pump or the internal heater and the connecting pipes. These fittings often loosen over time from vibrations due to water flow and motor motion and only require tightening by hand to restore to proper order.

Valve gaskets may also come loose in a similar fashion, with different types of valves having different types of gaskets. Some may tighten with gentle pressure, while others may require tools or full replacements. Owners should also check the pipes within the hut tubs system for ruptures or rust, as these can often result in leaks. Some pipe repairs involve applying a sealant to the rupture or wrapping it with special tape, though major damage should involve a full pipe replacement.

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