What Are the Best Ways to Fix Edenpure Heater Problems?

Recommended methods for fixing an EdenPURE heater include performing a hard reset, changing the location of the heater, washing the filter and plugging the power cord in a different location, according to the company's customer support. Replacing the infra-red heating element may also be necessary.

If the heater does not turn on or the airflow is diminished, the user can try performing a hard reset by turning the heater off, unplugging the heater and waiting at least 45 minutes before plugging it in again. Before performing a hard reset on a heater that is already running, the user should ensure the fan turns off before unplugging it from the outlet. If the heater is not heating the room efficiently, the user should confirm that it is placed on a rug or carpet rather than a hard surface such as tile.

Diminished airflow, an overheating power cord and insufficient heat indicate that the filter may need to be cleaned. Users should press the filter cover's tabs to remove the filter, running warm water over it until the water comes off clear. The filter should be allowed to air dry before being placed back into the heater. Users may also switch the heater to another electrical outlet to solve operational issues, and they should avoid plugging the heater into an extension cord. If the device is not heating and the infra-red element is not glowing red, users can open the heater to replace the element.