What Are Some Ways to Exterminate Crickets?


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Some of the ways to exterminate crickets include using insecticides, destroying their eggs and using pets. Other ways include using diatomaceous earth and natural sprays.

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What Are Some Ways to Exterminate Crickets?
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Spraying an insecticide in the basement, in corners, along windowsills and in other areas effectively eliminates crickets. Destroying the eggs using either a vacuum cleaner with a high HEPA filter or spraying an insecticide on places where the crickets lay eggs ensures they do not continue to breed. Pets such as cats and dogs are natural cricket predators, and having them around is an efficient way to get rid of crickets.

Sprinkling diatomaceous earth powder on the carpet or outside dehydrates and kills crickets. The powder comes from skeletons of microscopic algae and is harmless to people and pets. Natural sprays such as soap sprays and pepper sprays also effectively terminate the crickets by penetrating the outer shell and causing cell failure.

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