What Are Some Ways to Enhance Cabinet Refinishing?

Enhance cabinet refinishing by adding new hardware to the cabinets. Try adding a slide-out cabinet shelf or putting in under-cabinet lighting. These tips work to make tired cabinets seem new or enhance new refinishing.

By adding new hardware to cabinets, homeowners can completely change the way the cabinets look. Change out handles and hinges and save money while giving the kitchen a new look.

Add a pull-out shelf to any or all of the base cabinets, increasing storage space and making the items stored at the backs of the cabinets easily accessible. Although it sounds difficult, adding a pull-out shelf only takes a couple of hours.

One major way homeowners can enhance cabinet refinishing is by installing under-cabinet lighting, according to ThisOldHouse.com. Many kitchens may lack sufficient lighting, and by adding bright white light to the kitchen, the cabinets take on a whole new look. Small, under-cabinet light fixtures are inexpensive and easy to install, even for those lacking electrical experience.

Another way to enhance the finish on any cabinet is called refacing. Refacing involves installing veneer and new doors. The veneer used in cabinet refacing is usually peel-and-stick and can be cut to size before application. Find veneer at many large home improvement stores or at woodworking companies.