What Are Some Ways to Eliminate Dust Mites?


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To eliminate dust mites, one must remove all unnecessary fabrics, upholstery and carpeting, and clean the home regularly. Using air conditioning and anti-allergen bedding also reduces dust mites in the home.

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It is necessary to remove fabric and upholstery, such as heavy drapes and carpeting, to eliminate dust mites. In rooms where carpeting or other fabrics are necessary, the fabrics in the room must be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. As vacuuming does not remove dust mites, frequent steam cleaning of carpeting and upholstery is recommended. Items made from wood, plastic or other washable materials are wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove accumulated dust.

Using anti-allergen bedding and mattress covers is an option that reduces dust mites in the bedroom. Bedding is washed in hot water and dried at high temperatures every one to two weeks to remove the allergens. Other items, such as stuffed toys, knick-knacks and artificial flowers, are washed regularly or thrown away.

Homes with low humidity levels are not sustainable for dust mites. Allergy sufferers can eliminate mites by maintaining humidity levels below 50 percent. Avoiding house plants and fish tanks helps control humidity levels. Using air conditioning, rather than window or attic fans, prevents dust mites from entering the home.

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