What Are Some Ways to Eliminate Boxelder Bugs?


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Some ways to eliminate boxelder bugs include bug-proofing the house, getting rid of trees and shrubs near the house and vacuuming the bugs if they have infested the house. Chemical insecticides are also used to eliminate boxelder bugs though this method should be a last resort.

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Boxelder bugs enter structures such as houses in the fall seeking winter shelter in cracks and crevices. They enter such places in large numbers becoming a nuisance. A good way to manage the bugs' infestation is by preventing their entry altogether.

Make repairs and replace damaged windows and door screens and seal cracks and crevices with caulk. Eliminate host trees and shrubs that are near the house. Once the bugs infiltrate the house, physically remove them with a vacuum or a broom and dustpan. Insecticides are not suggested for indoor use.

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