What Are Some Ways to Get DNR Firewood Permits?

What Are Some Ways to Get DNR Firewood Permits?

Department of Natural Resources firewood permits can be obtained by contacting the Department of Natural Resources for each state online. For example, available DNR permits for the Pacific Cascade region in Washington can be requested by email at pcfirewood@dnr.wa.gov. Michigan DNR permits are available to order online and can be sent by mail or printed at home. State game parks and recreational areas may also offer firewood permits and should be contacted at their local office by phone or mail.

People must get DNR firewood permits before gaining access to cut firewood on state lands. As of 2015 in Washington state, the public has limited opportunities to cut firewood for personal use in approved areas. Approved permits must be followed carefully at timber harvest sites to avoid cutting and collecting important components of the trust site.

DNR firewood sites are often important habitats for local wildlife, managed by local conservation organizations. Avoid stumps, downed wood and snags that are essential to the local ecosystem.

DNR permits for the collection of firewood for personal use from state forest land in Michigan cost $20 as of 2015 and can be obtained from the Michigan.gov DNR website. Permits allow people to collect up to 5 standard cords of wood. A standard cord is 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 4 feet high. Standard cords can be collected between April and December 31, for a period of 90 days from purchase of the permit.

DNR firewood permits for land other than state forests need to be obtained from the local administration office for that land.