What Are Some Ways to Find Discounted Vinyl Floor Tiles?


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Some ways to find discounted vinyl floor tiles include searching online discount retailers, such as Amazon.com, checking the clearance section of online and physical hardware and home improvement stores, or focusing on discontinued products, as of 2015. Retailers may offer damaged or repacked products at a discount.

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Amazon.com frequently offers discounts on vinyl floor tiles across a variety of styles and construction types compared to physical retailers, usually without the need for additional actions. In some cases, the site may offer additional discounts on select departments or offer promotional codes on future purchases that further add to the savings.

Many hardware and home improvement stores, both physical and online, feature clearance sections that include vinyl floor tiles from discontinued lines or inventory remaining when the retailer is ending a contract with a particular manufacturer. These items typically have lower prices to allow the store to sell the products quickly to make room for new merchandise. These stores also commonly offer discounts on damaged products, such as an open box of vinyl floor tiles that has scratches on the top layer.

Another way to save on vinyl flooring is to focus on discontinued products, which many retailers sell at deep discounts to clear out the inventory. It may be necessary to visit local stores to ask about such inventory or to contact the manufacturer to buy the remaining stock in bulk.

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