What Are Some Ways to Deter Squirrels?


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Deter squirrels by applying cayenne pepper, garlic powder or jalapeno spray to the areas where they are not wanted. Provide a squirrel feeder in places they do not cause problems to help to deter them from the places they are not welcome.

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What Are Some Ways to Deter Squirrels?
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Purchase cayenne pepper or garlic powder in the bulk food aisle at the grocery store and sprinkle it on the area where the squirrels cause the most destruction. In the garden, add it to the top of the soil. The squirrel population in the area should decrease rapidly, but exposure to the weather causes the spices to lose their potency. Reapply the spices when squirrels start to reappear.

Mix dried jalapenos with vinegar and water. Allow the mixture to sit overnight, strain, and pour the liquid into a garden sprayer or mister bottle. Apply the liquid to the plants that need protection. Reapply as necessary.

Deter squirrels from one area by providing the foods they love in another. Place a squirrel feeder away from the area that needs protection, and fill it with peanuts, nuts and sunflower seeds. Squirrels love these high-energy foods, and when their stomachs are full, they tend to leave other parts of the garden alone.

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