What Are Some Ways to Decorate Vintage Wall Mirrors?


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Decorate vintage wall mirrors using items such as kabob skewers, wood shims, polyvinyl chloride pipe and plastic spoons. Create borders around the edges of mirrors, or arrange decorations to change the shape or amount of mirror surface that is exposed. Extending decorations beyond the size of the mirror adds an element of wall art to even a simple design.

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Use kabob skewers and wood shims to create sunburst designs behind vintage wall mirrors. Alternate the visible length of each skewer or shim by pulling every other one further into the back of the mirror. Fasten wood shims with a thick craft adhesive or contact paper, and fasten skewers with frame-hanging wire before using an adhesive for added durability.

Another design for vintage wall mirrors uses PVC pipe of any size. Using a saw, slice PVC pipes into circles of desired thickness. Place the circles around the edges of the mirror, creating designs of any size or pattern. Place trimmed photographs or small items inside each circle for added decoration, or leave the circles empty for a bubble effect. Once the design is in place, fasten all circles together using double-sided mounting squares, craft glue or rubber cement.

Using plastic spoons, create flower petal designs around the edges of mirrors. Purchase colored spoons, or choose plain spoons and use acrylic or spray paint to personalize colors and textures. Snap the handles off the spoons for the edge of the mirror, and leave the handles on the outer spoons. Place snapped spoons around the mirror first, followed by the staggered placement of handled spoons between previous rows until the desired flower size is achieved. Adhere spoons with craft glue or mounting squares.

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