What Are Some Ways to Decorate With Sun Face Art?


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Sun face art may be used to decorate fences and indoor and outdoor walls; they can even be turned into sundials as part of a garden display. The sun faces are made of a variety of materials, including terracotta clay, hand-painted aluminum, copper and colorful hand-painted pottery. Often the sun and the moon are combined in the design. Matching the right sun with the architectural design of a property often comes down to personal taste.

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On fences, a large sun face can be the center of attention, especially if it is placed on the entry gate. If a home is hacienda style, using a terracotta clay sun complements the south-of-the-border look. Leave the clay in its natural reddish-brown color for a more subtle effect, or go with colorful Mexican hand-painted pottery for something more whimsical.

These two styles also work well on walls. On inside walls, unless the room is large, a smaller sun is more proportionate. Suggestions include placing one over a fireplace, over a door entry or even just randomly around a room. Hand-painted aluminum works well for outdoor spaces because it doesn't rust. Suns made out of copper develop a greenish patina over time, which makes them look almost antique.

The sundial idea works well in a landscaped garden setting. One idea is to plant various flower beds that are defined by edging of some sort, perhaps flagstone or aggregate. The sundial could go in the center of the garden, at the end of a pathway. In larger gardens, pathways can lead to a number of strategically placed sun faces, including the sundial centerpiece.

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