What Are Some Ways to Decorate Interior Columns?


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Interior columns are decorated either permanently or temporarily. Permanently decorating interior columns involves the use of paint and stencils, and the design depends on whether the designer wants the columns to blend in or stand out in the room. To decorate them temporarily for holidays or special occasions, use flower garlands or Christmas lights.

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To decorate interior columns permanently, paint them in a shade that either blends or contrasts with the room's walls. Add depth to the columns by using stencils to paint geometric designs or paintings of climbing vines. For the designs, consider colors that blend with the rest of the decor. Consider painting the columns a dark color and then sponging them randomly with a lighter color of paint. This creates an airy look, which is helpful when the columns feel overly weighty in the room.

To decorate interior columns temporarily, use garlands of ivy or flowers around each column. Attach the garlands to the top and let them hang. You may also wrap them around the column, but make sure the garlands' spirals are kept even and neat. Do the same with strings of Christmas lights. For a more subtle look, use a wide ribbon made of organza to cover the lights.

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