What Are Some Ways to Decorate a Fireplace Mantel?


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A few ways to decorate a fireplace mantel include hanging or arranging artwork over the mantel, arranging vintage books or thrift items on top, adding flower arrangements and other natural elements, and placing a mirror above the mantel. Another idea is to arrange potted plants or other like decorations in groups of three.

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For artwork over the mantel, hang the piece centrally, and place decorations on the mantel itself in matching colors. For a simple aesthetic, place a single fruit or decoration in the work's color on the mantel just to the right or left. Another option is to stand several prints of different sizes on the mantel in an overlapping fashion. For an old-fashioned look, place a row or stack of old books on the mantel, and add some old glass bottles, a salvaged window frame and other thrift items along the mantel.

For a more natural look, choose items such as an old bird's nest, weathered wood and birch bark candles. You can also place a large flower arrangement or a sparse vase with a few branches in it at the center of the mantel. For a simpler look, hang an ornate mirror above the fireplace to reflect the existing beauty of the home.

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