What Are Some Ways to Decorate With Antique Keys?


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Creating framed wall art, homemade wind chimes, or custom Christmas ornaments are several ways to decorate with antique keys. Antique keys can also be used as decorative accents on Mason jars or glass vases.

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To create framed wall art, mount the keys to the desired background using a hot glue gun. Small square shaped frames work well for this purpose. Enhance the vintage look of the antique keys by covering the background with an old map or other similar print. Hanging the frames with ribbon can add visual interest and a pop of color.

Framed antique keys work particularly well in sets of three. Hang the frames vertically on a narrow wall space to create a balanced, visually appealing look. Arranged horizontally, framed keys look nice placed above a small accent table.

A simple, shabby-chic wind chime can be made using antique keys, several kinds of string, and a wood hoop, such as a cross-stitching frame. Using string with a variety of textures to attach the keys to the hoop will create an interesting, handcrafted look. Painting some of the keys or wrapping the hoop with decorative tape can also work well.

Threading a holiday ribbon through an antique key is an easy way to make a pretty, handmade ornament. Consider adding a gift tag with custom message to personalize the look. Ribbons and twine can also be used to attach keys to vases and jars.

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