What Are Some Ways to Control Ants in Your Yard?


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Deter ants by keeping all compost, trash and other waste in one area of the yard away from the house. Use dehydrated peppermint, peppermint oil or red pepper flakes on anthills to control these pests. Sprinkling orange or cucumber peels in areas that the ants travel is also an effective deterrent.

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Control ants by planting sage, catnip, lavender and tansy in a yard. Invasive plants, such as tansy, should stay in pots. To protect certain plants from ants, sprinkle fresh leaves from these herbs to deter the ants from visiting.

If the ants do not respond to these deterrents, use organic ant poison made for the outdoors to eliminate a colony. One organic ant poison uses orange peel extract to deter and kill ants outdoors. Diatomaceous earth also effectively kills ants. Wear a face mask while sprinkling diatomaceous earth over ant hills and on ant trails. The diatomaceous earth damages the exoskeleton of the ants and draws moisture away from their bodies.

One option for quickly removing an entire colony of ants is to pour boiling water down an anthill; however, boiling water also kills any surrounding plants or landscaping. Another option is to dig up the ant mound in the early morning, placing the soil and ants in a bucket. Later, drown the ants in a bucket or move the entire colony to another location.

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