What Are Some Ways to Find Cheap Orchid Plants for Sale?


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Some ways to find cheap orchids are to buy them online or at garden shops, shows and local greenhouses. It may be possible to get them cheaper when growing orchids from seeds, but buying adult plants is much easier, especially for people who don't have much experience with these plants. General home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's are the simplest options for finding inexpensive orchids. However, some of these stores only sell plants during summer.

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Employees at general home improvement stores may not be able to provide specific advice about the care of specific plants, but workers in local greenhouses and plant nurseries take care of plants all the time, so they might be able to offer more advice about the specific orchid.

Orchid shows usually have hundreds of different types of orchids, including some rare plants. The plants at shows may not be for sale or may be very expensive.

Buying orchids online can save a lot of money; sites include Orchids.com, GlobalRose.com and ProFlowers.com. Choose a store that guarantees that the plants are handled with care. It is a good sign if an online store allows customers to return plants if they are not satisfied.

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