What Are Some Ways to Catch a Rat?

Baited traps, such as traps with a snapping mechanism and electronic traps, are often used to catch rats in the home. Nonlethal traps are also an option to capture rats.

Snap-style traps should be baited with food, such as peanut butter, and placed in an area with high rodent activity. If possible, place the trap directly in a pathway that is frequently used by the rodents. Set the trap by pulling the snapping mechanism back and securing it, and check the trap daily. Dispose of any rats that are trapped, and reset the trap until the infestation is controlled.

Live traps are designed to capture rats without killing them. Live traps should also be placed in areas where rats have been observed, and should be checked several times each day. Remove any captured rats, and release or humanely kill the animals. It may be necessary to contact a local organization before releasing rats into the wild. Some regions require rats to be released to an approved facility.

Electronic traps use an electrical charge to kill trapped rats. Electronic traps require batteries and are used in a method that is similar to traditional rat traps. For instance, the traps can be placed either indoors or outdoors, and they are typically placed in areas where evidence of a rat infestation is present. When placed outdoors, ensure that the trap is placed in a dry area. Electronic traps should be checked daily.