What Are Some Ways to Buy Sod?

What Are Some Ways to Buy Sod?

Purchase sod from a local nursery or large home improvement store or find one of the many online nurseries that sell and deliver sod. Many online companies can even install it for an additional fee.

Sites such as Chanshare.com and TopTurfSod.com offer quality sod for a fraction of the price of home improvement stores. Many places will install the sod and offer tips and tricks on choosing the best sod and how to effectively place it in a yard.

Before shopping for sod, determine what kind will work best in the yard. If a yard is more than 50 percent shady, opt for a fescue or zoysia sod. Yards that receive more than 50 percent sunlight should have Bermuda or zoysia sod. Bermuda is one of the easiest types of sod to care for and requires less maintenance than other types.

TopTurfSod.com services the Hazel Green, Alabama and Lincoln, Tennessee areas, and customers may choose to pick up their sod, have it delivered or have it delivered and installed. Prices vary, depending on the type of sod.

Chanshare.com services Utah and the intermountain region and specializes in residential lawns as well as commercial turf.

Seasonally, stores such as Lowe's and The Home Depot offer sod for sale. The Home Depot sells sod, such as Harmony-brand sod, and only ships to specific areas of the United States.