Are There Ways to Better Hide Small Appliance Power Cords?


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Ways to hide small-appliance cords include placing them behind kitchen counter items, using twist-ties to bundle up cords into smaller packages and putting the cords inside of cord organizers. Another option is to put small appliances, such as bread makers, rice cookers and blenders, in cabinets when not in use.

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Hiding appliance cords behind items such as flour and sugar canisters, knife holders or even a decorative vase is the easiest solution. Decorative canisters usually come in matching sets that dress up a kitchen space.

The twist-tie method is used for appliances that are large enough to hide their cords, like coffee makers and food processors. Each appliance should be as close to their respective outlets as possible. The cord is then folded using a back-and-forth motion until it is a compact bundle. The twist-tie wraps around the center of the bundle, and it is then tucked behind the appliance.

Cord organizers are plastic tubes with a lengthwise slit that can accommodate several cords. This works well for appliances that share an outlet. The cords are grouped and then tucked inside the tube. The cord organizer sits against the back of the kitchen counter, either in plain sight or in back of a decorative item.

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