What Are Some Ways 8x16 CMU Blocks Are Used in Building Projects?

What Are Some Ways 8x16 CMU Blocks Are Used in Building Projects?

Use 8-by-16-inch concrete masonry unit blocks for foundation walls, basement walls, partition walls, exterior walls or cavity walls. Also known as cinder blocks, the versatile building concrete is also suitable for planters, garden beds, benches and tables.

Inexpensive, durable and fireproof, cinder blocks have many useful applications as a building material. Use the lightweight blocks as-is for foundation or partition walls, or cover with stucco for exterior walls. To prevent water penetration, coat with cement paint, latex paint or an epoxy coating.

To make a simple planter with cinder blocks, stack the blocks into a design, and leave some of the holes exposed to hold soil. Hold the blocks together using Liquid Nails adhesive.

Make a raised garden bed with cinder blocks to create a rigid structure that allows for the easy insertion of garden stakes. Made properly, a cinder block garden bed lasts for decades.

To make an inexpensive outdoor bench, create a cinder block base topped with a long cushion. This simple seating solution does not require any masonry skills and is functional and attractive in a garden space.

To make a table base that doubles as a planter, stack cinder blocks to form a wall, and leave holes exposed for the soil. Add a solid wood top to create an outdoor bar and counter space suitable for outdoor dining and entertaining.