What Is the Best Way to Trap a Mouse?


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To trap a mouse effectively, tie the desired bait to the trigger on the trap, and place the trap against a wall in the affected area of the home. Setting two traps 1 inch apart increases their effectiveness.

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What Is the Best Way to Trap a Mouse?
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Bait the trap with peanut butter, or tie a raisin or another food to the trigger with a small piece of thread. Tying the bait to the trigger ensures that the mouse cannot remove the bait without triggering the trap mechanism. Place the trap in an area where the mouse is frequently seen, and set the trap directly against a wall, with the baited trigger nearest the wall.

Place additional traps behind furnishings and in other secluded areas of the home to ensure the mouse is captured. To determine the best place to set traps, look for mouse droppings or signs of damage caused by the mice, such as shredded paper or damaged walls near baseboards.

Choosing a trap with an expanded trigger increases the effectiveness of the trap when using snap-style traps. Check and reset the traps frequently as mice are often found in large numbers in infested homes. When using multi-catch traps, place the trap with the entrance parallel to the mouse's entrance into the home.

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