What Is the Best Way to Transplant Asparagus?


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The best way to transplant asparagus is to move an asparagus crown no older than one year into trenches between 6 and 10 inches deep, depending on the type of soil. Then phosphate fertilizer needs to be added in order to limit transplant shock and keep the plant alive.

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When transplanting asparagus, only a year-old crown should be used because older crowns are too big and less impervious to transplant shock, resulting in death to the plant. The crown is then placed in a deep trench. If the soil is sandy, the trench needs to be 10 inches deep. If the soil is a thicker clay, than the trenches only have to be 6 inches deep. After the crown is placed in the trench, it is covered by 3 inches of soil. After about 6 weeks once the plant has started to grow, an additional 3 inches of soil are added.

Fertilizing the transplanted crowns is a critical aspect of the process. The fertilizer needs to be a phosphate fertilizer with low levels of potassium and nitrogen. Triple super phosphate fertilizers work the best.

After transplantation, the crown needs to be left alone for up to 2 years. Only then should it be harvested.

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