What Is the Best Way to Sell Used Furniture?

The best way to sell used furniture is to clean it or repair it to make it look as presentable as possible and hold a garage or yard sale. Advertise for the sale or the furniture pieces individually using a local newspaper and websites that advertise to your community.

Before the sale, take a good look at the furniture and determine what you need to make the piece presentable for a potential buyer. If the piece is stained, research viable stain removers for the material from which the piece is made and work to remove the stain before cleaning the piece. Use appropriate cleaning implements and formulas to clean the furniture, such as vacuuming a couch or polishing a wooden table.

Consider an appropriate asking price for the furniture to be sold and increase that amount by a little to give yourself room to negotiate. When placing the advertisement, list the type of furniture you are selling and the asking price for certain pieces, if appropriate. Be prepared for potential buyers to try and haggle the price and do not accept an offer that is too low for the value of the furniture.

If any pieces do not sell at the yard sale, advertise them individually on a website such as Craigslist, a community site or through the newspaper. Another option is to sell pieces on bidding sites such as eBay, but be prepared to pay a percentage of the sale to these types of sites. Look into local swap meets for any additional pieces.