What Is the Way to Get Rid of Small White Worms in Someone's Kitchen?

It is possible to get rid of small white worms in the kitchen by removing any contaminated food, eliminating any open food containers and setting pheromone traps to capture live worms. Often called "pantry moths," Indian meal moths start their lives as tiny white worms that infest residential kitchens and other inhabited areas.

Avoid using spray-canister pesticides as these poisons can contaminate food in the kitchen and pantry.

Step 1: Remove any contaminated products or attractants

Since Indian meal moths are attracted to open food containers, eliminate these from the kitchen and pantry. Dispose of any food containers that could have been contaminated.

Step 2: Set pheromone traps

These are sticky traps that lure the white worms, then trap them in their viscous coating. Use only kitchen-safe traps, and place them in hidden areas, such as inside cabinets or on pantry shelves. For serious infestations, homeowners should contact a pest control company to address the problem.