What Is the Best Way to Rid Your Home of Mice?


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The best way to rid a home of mice is to use sound devices and electronic devices, purchase predator pets, use bait traps and seal up the holes in the home. Purchasing predator pets involves getting either a dog or a cat to keep within the home.

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What Is the Best Way to Rid Your Home of Mice?
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Dogs and cats are not necessarily the best choices for a large mice infestation, however, many breeds of dogs and cats are adept at catching mice. They can also frighten mice enough to keep them from coming inside to begin with.

Sound devices and electronic devices often frighten mice. However, mice can become used to the same sorts of noises when they are repeated frequently. It is best, therefore, to only purchase these kinds of devices if the noise is loud and involves varied patterns. However, this is usually a last resort.

Bait traps are great ways to stop mice. The bait lures the mouse in and the trap effectively "traps" the mouse inside. Some bait and trap contraptions will kill mice while others will simply hold them indefinitely until a person comes along and removes them. These traps are considered more humane because the mouse can be redeposited into the outdoors.

Sealing up holes in the home makes it impossible for mice to enter the home to begin with. Most mice get in through holes in the floorboards or in the cracks between the outside doors and the interior of the home.

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