What Is the Best Way to Repel Armadillos?


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To repel armadillos, install a sound deterrent device, hang strips of reflective foil around the edge of your property, treat the perimeter of your yard with powdered coyote urine and treat the whole yard with a mixture of castor oil and detergent. Each additional layer of protection helps keep armadillos away.

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  1. Install a sound deterrent

    The best sound deterrent devices use a combination of ultrasonic and sonic sounds that vary over time. Install the device outside in the area with the armadillo problem, pointed away from living areas.

  2. Add strips of reflective foil to the perimeter of the area

    Attach long, thin strips of iridescent foil to fence posts, tree limbs or other foliage on the edges of the property. The light reflecting off the strips scares the armadillos away.

  3. Treat the lawn perimeter with powdered coyote urine

    Sprinkle commercial powdered coyote urine along the edge of the yard. Coyotes are natural predators, and armadillos avoid areas marked with their scent.

  4. Apply a bad-tasting spray to the yard

    Spray a mixture of 16 ounces of castor oil and 4 ounces of liquid dish detergent over the yard. If armadillos get past the other deterrents, the bad taste of insects in the treated area discourage them from coming back.

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