What Is the Best Way of Removing an Unwanted Tree?


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The application of a herbicide is the best way of removing an unwanted tree. Herbicide application is safer, less expensive and more efficient than mechanical tree removal methods.

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Soil herbicides such as imazapyr and tebithiuron are used to prevent small plants from growing into trees. These are usually applied in areas where there is an excessive growth of unwanted tree species. Foliar herbicides work on the leaves of the trees. Triclopyr and Roundup are popular foliar herbicides that are sprayed directly on the foliage. A disadvantage of foliar application is that it can be time-consuming for large trees.

Bark tree herbicides such as Pathfinder use a mixture of the herbicide, water and oil. This mixture is sprayed directly onto the tree barks. It is most effective on barks with a diameter that is less than 6 inches and are the least useful for older trees with wide barks. Another chemical tree removal method is by using stump tree herbicides such as glyphosate. These herbicides are applied immediately after chopping down a tree to prevent any further growth from the stump.

The hack-and-squirt herbicide application method is best suited for large trees. The tree trunk is hacked at using a hatchet or ax until the axe pierces the exterior trunk layer. A small cup containing the herbicide is placed in the cut. The downward flow of the sap diffuses the herbicide to the basal trunk.

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