What Is the Best Way of Removing Red Ink From Skin?


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The best way of removing red ink from skin is by using rubbing alcohol. To do this, pour some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel, and rub it on the stained skin. When the paper towel is stained, discard it, and use a clean one. Wash the stained skin with pumice-containing soap, then rinse with clean water. If there are traces of ink, repeat the process until the skin is completely clean.

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Alternatively, to remove red printer ink from the skin, dab a dry cloth with tea tree oil, then rub it on the stained skin. Repeat several times to ensure that the red stain is removed completely. To remove remnant stains on the crevices of the skin, scrub the skin gently with a fingernail brush.

Diluted bleach is also effective for removing red ink from the skin. Dip a dry cloth in a mixture of 10 parts water to one part bleach. Rub the stained skin gently with the wet cloth. Repeat the process several times to make sure that all the red ink is removed. Wash the skin with soap under running water to minimize the damaging effects of bleach, then pour a few drops of lemon juice over the skin to remove the bleach smell. Nail polish remover and hairspray are also effective for removing red ink from the skin.

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