What Is the Best Way to Remove Ticks From the Home and Keep Them Away?

What Is the Best Way to Remove Ticks From the Home and Keep Them Away?

To remove ticks from your home and keep them away, use a combination of removal and preventative methods, including physical removal, physical barriers, diatomaceous earth, talcum powder and safe insecticides.

  1. Perform outdoor removal

    To remove ticks from outside your home, you need a large piece of flannel, a thin stick or dowel, and a trash bag. Tie the flannel to the stick. Drag the flannel through all of the bushes and plants in your yard. Any tick that the flannel touches sticks to it. Seal the flannel in a trash bag, or burn it in a burn barrel.

  2. Perform outdoor prevention

    To prevent ticks from returning, trim all plants and bushes in the yard. Remove abandoned bird nests, ensuring that they are abandoned before removal. Use an insecticide such as Permethrin Pro around plants and any possible access points to your home. Apply food-grade diatomaceous earth to the ground in shady areas and near the house's foundation.

  3. Remove indoor ticks

    Indoor ticks live in cracks, crevices, furniture and dog beds, and they crawl up and down wall joint areas. Spray these areas with an indoor-safe insecticide such as Greenbug for Indoors. Spread food-grade diatomaceous earth or baking soda around baseboards.

  4. Take additional action if necessary

    An extreme tick infestation requires the assistance of a professional exterminator. Professional exterminators have access to insecticides that are not available to the general public.