What Is the Way to Remove Pet Stains and Odors From Hardwood Floors?


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To remove pet stains and odors from hardwood floors, apply commercial odor- and stain-removing products designed specifically for hardwood floors. If that does not work, consider sanding down the floors, applying wood bleach and refinishing the floors.

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Commercial cleaning products penetrate between the seams of a hardwood floor to eliminate the stains and odors from the subfloor. This is often the only way to completely eliminate the consequences of pet accidents.

  1. Clean the floors
  2. Apply the typical hardwood floor cleaning products to determine whether it eliminates the stain and odor. This is the most useful option when the accident is caught quickly after it is made.
  3. Apply commercial cleaning products
  4. The commercial odor- and stain-removing products contain enzymes that "eat" the source of the problem. They penetrate to the subfloor, which helps eliminate the lingering odor, but always follow the application instructions on the bottle. Afterward, mop the floors as usual.
  5. Refinish the affected boards
  6. It is sometimes necessary to remove the sealant and stain, clean the affected boards with wood bleach and refinish the floors so they match the surrounding planks. In extreme cases, such as when the stain is completely black, it might be necessary to replace the boards entirely. Otherwise, the odor and stain will linger.
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