What is the way to remove paint from a concrete floor?


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To remove paint from a concrete floor, clean the surface thoroughly, then apply a paint stripper to separate the paint from the concrete. Older paint applications might begin to peel or chip on their own and, if so, can be removed with a scraper or putty knife.

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Always clean concrete with water and a sponge or cloth before applying a chemical paint stripper. This prevents contaminants from delaying the effects of the stripping solution.

Step 1: Apply stripping agent

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to mix or prepare the stripping solution. Apply it to the paint-stained concrete with a brush or trowel, and then allow it to remain on the concrete, based on the manufacturer's recommendations. Some solutions work in just a few minutes, while others take several hours.

Step 2: Remove the stripping agent and paint

Use a plastic scraper to remove both the stripping solution and the paint underneath it. Apply a stiff-bristled brush to any cracks or crevices the scraper will not reach. Clean the concrete with soap and water to finish the job.

Since most stripping agents contain harsh chemicals, such as methylene chloride, it is important to ventilate the work area. Wear a respirator to avoid lung irritation, and leave windows and doors open when working inside.

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