What Is the Best Way to Remove Odor From an Ice Maker?


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Removing odors from an ice maker in a refrigerator-freezer combination involves locating the odor source and removing it from the unit. Emptying both the refrigerator and freezer can help to find the problem. A water filter in need of replacement also causes odors in the ice.

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Often containers of food left in the refrigerator or freezer spoil and cause odors. The ice in the ice maker picks up these bad odors and taste. Removing the odor source is the first step in controlling the odor. Once the space is empty, wiping down the plastic liner with a baking soda solution helps to eliminate odors it absorbs. Washing the shelves helps to remove any remaining smell.

The owner should check each item for an expiration date before returning it to the unit and discard any out-of-date food. Placing an open box of baking soda in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments helps to absorb odors. Any ice in the tray from before the cleaning contains the odor, so dumping it is the best option. Allowing the ice maker to cycle and dumping the ice from the first few cycles ensures the ice maker is clean and odor free.

Most ice makers use a charcoal filter to improve the flavor of the water and ice. Filters require regular replacement or they begin to release the bad flavor back into the water and ice maker.

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