What Is the Best Way to Remove Mold From Wood?


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The best way to remove mold from wood is washing with a mixture of soap, chlorine bleach and water, according to the University of Tennessee. Increasing ventilation helps to lower humidity and keep wood dry, preventing new spores from growing more colonies of mold.

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What Is the Best Way to Remove Mold From Wood?
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There are several chemical treatments to kill mold. However, the same wet conditions that allow mold spores to grow also encourage wood rot. Reducing the moisture benefits the homeowner by eliminating mold and stopping the rot.

Mold is a fuzzy or discolored growth that occurs on wood or any other wet organic material. Mold spores are constantly in the air and moisture on wood or other materials provides all that the spores need to begin growing and reproducing. Mold is a type of fungus that grows on bread, wood, paper, concrete or oranges. It requires the right temperature, humidity and food to grow. Mold that grows on wood receives the nutrients it needs from its surface and does not weaken the wood.

Some molds produce mycotoxins. These chemicals may be poisonous and cause health problems. While their name sounds frightening, the University of Tennessee indicates there is an overemphasis on the dangers of toxic molds. Most molds do not produce mycotoxins. The molds that produce toxins do not produce them all the time. Mold is often unsightly but easily removable.

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