What Is the Way to Remove Linoleum Flooring From Concrete?

The method of removing linoleum flooring from concrete is straightforward and requires a few tools, such as razor knife and extra blades, a straight blade scraper and a floor scraper. The task is labor intensive and requires manually stripping the linoleum flooring by hand after softening the adhesive used to make the linoleum stick to the concrete floor.

Apart from the tools already mentioned, this task will also require a bucket, mop, mild detergent, rags, old towels, mineral spirits, hot water and warm water. There are several steps involved in removing linoleum flooring from concrete.

Step 1: Cut the linoleum into the proper sizes

Cut the linoleum flooring in 2-foot-wide strips using the razor blade. Replace the blade with new ones if it becomes dull and can no longer cut the linoleum properly.

Step 2: Moisten the floor

Fill a bucket with very hot water and then pour the water onto the linoleum flooring. Spread the water around using the mop to make sure that the linoleum is soaked evenly with hot water. Allow the hot water to sit on the linoleum for about 10 minutes to soften the adhesive that was used on it.

Step 3: Remove the linoleum

Use the mop to soak up the water after 10 minutes, and then remove the linoleum by hand. Insert the floor scraper underneath the linoleum and peel off the linoleum strips.

Step 4: Finish removal and clean up

Use the straight blade scraper to remove remaining adhesive and linoleum on the floor. Pour hot water again to help soften and get the remaining adhesives and linoleum off the floor. Clean the floor with the mineral spirits, mild detergent and warm water to finish up.