What Is the Best Way to Remove a Hornets' Nest?


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The best way to remove a hornets' nest is to kill all of the hornets, wear a full wasp suit and then remove the nest by clipping it off of a branch or by picking it up off of a window ledge. Hornets are dangerous and it is recommended that a professional remove the hornet nests to avoid injury though it is possible for homeowners to remove the nests.

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What Is the Best Way to Remove a Hornets' Nest?
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Each hornets' nest can hold several thousand hornets. These nests are usually located in trees or underneath the sides of decks or buildings. In order to successfully remove a hornet's nest, use an insecticide or a wasp freeze-type treatment that can kill. This should be sprayed into the opening of the hornets' nest. It is then recommended that the professional wait 24 hours before approaching the nest to remove it. This makes it possible for the hornets to die.

After the initial 24 hours, the professional should wear a wasp suit that seals around the body when approaching the nest. Now, the nest can be picked up off of its ledge or can be cut off from a branch or tree. The nest should be wrapped in a plastic bag or similar material and thrown away.

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