What Is the Way to Remove a Halogen Light Bulb?


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In order to remove a halogen light bulb remove the heat guard and grasp the bulb. Turn counter clockwise, making sure it is not squeezed too tightly.

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Follow these steps in order to remove a halogen light bulb.

  1. Switch off the light
  2. Halogen light bulbs get hot. In fact this is the reason they are often hard to remove; the heat can cause them to bind to the fixture. The first step in removing a halogen bulb is to turn off the light and wait until it has had time to cool down.
  3. Remove heat guard
  4. When it is cool enough to touch, remove the heat guard, if the light has one.
  5. Unscrew the bulb
  6. Now grip the bulb firmly and screw counter clockwise. The grip needs to be tight but gentle so that the glass doesn't break. Commercial light bulb grips are available to make this part of the process easier. It is also possible to use a cloth or a rag. These give extra grip and offer protection in case the glass does break.
  7. Install the bulb
  8. Now install the new bulb, reversing the process above. Ensure the bulb is at room temperature before it is fitted and switched on.
  9. Dispose of carefully
  10. Finally, make sure the old bulb is disposed of carefully. Wrap it in thick paper or something similar to help prevent it from breaking.
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