What Is the Way to Remove Color Run Stains in Laundry?

To remove color run stains in laundry, treat affected clothing with an oxygen bleach solution. Run freshly washed clothing through another washing cycle, and soak dried clothing in an oxygen bleach and water mixture. You need laundry detergent, oxygen bleach and a large plastic tub.

  1. Rewash damp clothing

    Find the article of clothing responsible for causing the color stains, and separate it from the rest of the load. Add your preferred laundry detergent to the washing machine. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for using oxygen bleach before adding it to the load. Run the load through a regular cycle, and dry as usual.

  2. Prepare a tub of oxygen bleach and cold water for dried clothing

    Fill the plastic tub with cold water. Refer to the instructions for using the oxygen bleach to determine how much solution to use per gallon of water. Measure the amount, and add it to the water.

  3. Soak dried clothing

    Add the dried clothing to the water, and wait a maximum of eight hours. If the stains remain, fill the tub with fresh water and oxygen bleach. Soak the clothing for an additional eight hours. Run the clothing through a regular cycle in the washing machine, and dry as usual.