What Is the Way to Remove a Bathtub?


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Removing a bathtub is a relatively simple task, but it will require some heavy lifting and manual labor. The task also requires the assistance of two or more individuals, especially for the part where the bathtub needs to be moved out of the bathroom. The tools that will be needed for this task include a pry bar, adjustable wrench, sledgehammer, pliers, screwdrivers, gloves and safety glasses.

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The following steps shows a simple method of removing an old bathtub.

Step 1: Turn off the water supply

Turn off the water supply valve that feeds to the bathroom. If there is no dedicated water supply line to the bathroom, the main supply line must be turned off and the remaining water in the pipes drained before starting.

Step 2: Check for parts to remove

Check the bathtub for any fixtures that needs to be removed or disconnected, such as the mechanism for the drain stopper. The tub spout should also be removed as it will likely be located on a part of the wall that will be taken apart later.

Step 3: Disconnect the drain

Access to the drain is often located on the underside of the tub or on its side. A penetrating lubricant may be needed to loosen up the connections.

Step 4: Cut drywall

Cut 6 inches of drywall above and around the bathtub. Remove nails or screws connecting the tub flange to the stubs.

Step 5: Remove the tub

Lift the front of the tub and have an assistant slide two 1x4 boards underneath. Slide the tub on the 1x4 boards to remove it from the bathroom.

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