What Is the Best Way to Polish Cast-Iron Stoves?


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The best way to polish a cast-iron stove is to dispose of rust by using steel wool first, then apply a high-quality cast-iron polish. It is important to be in a well ventilated area when polishing the stove.

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Getting rid of rust before polishing a cast-iron stove helps owners maximize the results of the polish. It is easiest to dispose of rust by cleaning the stove with steel wool. It is a good idea to wipe down the stove with a damp cloth to ensure that all of the rust is gone. After this, applying the stove polish adds the finishing touches.

It is important to recognize reputable polish brands for cast-iron stoves specifically. Some renowned brands are Lehman's, Rutland Williams and Imperial. These three brands can typically be found in hardware stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe's, or online through Amazon or eBay. If these brands are not available, cast-iron stove owners should read labels and be sure that the polish can be used specifically on cast-iron stoves.

If possible, the stoves should be cleaned and polished outside, where there is good ventilation. If this is not an option, stoves should be polished in an area with good air circulation.

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