What Is the Best Way to Paint a Room Quickly?


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The best way to paint a room quickly and achieve good results is to use tools such as rollers and paint trays to keep wasted paint to a minimum and prevent oversaturation of the painting tools. Laying down catch sheets or plastic stops spills from ruining floors and furniture.

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What Is the Best Way to Paint a Room Quickly?
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Straining a bucket of paint before using it can increase the quality of a finished paint job by ensuring there are as few clumps and globs of paint in the roller trays as possible. Using a trisodium phosphate, or TSP, cleaner to remove dirt and debris from walls, window and door trim and woodwork helps fresh paint adhere to the surfaces. Wearing rubber gloves keeps TSP cleaners from coming in contact with skin. Individuals should thoroughly wash any skin that comes in contact with a TSP cleaner.

Another time-saving tip is to avoid overusing painter's tape. Using painter's tape on every piece of trim can be time-consuming, and paint sometimes bleeds underneath and around the tape. Instead it is best to use painter's tape only on flat edges, such as the baseboards of a room, and use cutting techniques to get brushes in close to every corner for a clean finish.

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