What Is the Best Way to Kill Fleas?

way-kill-fleas Credit: Nick Ridley/Oxford Scientific/Getty Images

The best way to kill fleas in the house is to start by getting rid of these parasites on the pets. This may include using a prescription flea-killing product, flea combs or frequent bathing of the host pet.

After fleas on pets have been killed, other fleas in the house usually begin to die off from starvation. A larger infestation, however, may require additional cleaning. A fogger helps kill all of the fleas in an entire room, though it cannot be used if any people or pets are in the home. It takes about two hours for a fogger to work, after which the home needs to be aired out to get rid of the toxic fumes. Washing the bedding and vacuuming regularly also helps to remove fleas from the home.