What Is the Best Way to Install Weatherstripping for an Exterior Door?


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Match the size of the weatherstripping to the gaps on each side and top of the exterior door, buying stripping that's as wide as the widest portion of the gap. Run a paint stripper along the door jamb, and stop to level it out and remove any obstructions. Use a grooving tool to place a groove to mount the stripping in the opening, then cut the weatherstripping to fit each cut groove and place it barb-end first into the groove.

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The slots cut to insert the weatherstripping should all be 1/8-inch wide and 3/16-inch deep to fully contain the barbed sections of the strips and prevent movement. When measured to length before installation, without stretching, the weatherstripping stretches and contracts with the door jamb without loosening. Use a butt joint at the places where the different strips meet, as a mitered joint may separate slightly, reducing the effectiveness of the strip. Press the strip in place starting at the center of the door jamb and working up to the top and the bottom, then put the third strip along the top.

Ensure that the door is truly sealed by adding a sweep to the bottom. The sweep will cover up any gaps along the bottom of the door, completing the sealing process.

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