What Is the Best Way to Install a Metal Roof?


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According to BestBuyMetals.com, doing most of the work on the ground is highly recommended; thus, one can begin by drilling screw holes on the panels making sure that they are measured for pre-drilling accurately. Then, go on to drive the screws into the ridge caps and proceed install the panels. It's important that the first panel is installed square since the rest of the panels will follow its alignment.

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Install the metal roofing panels starting from the highest and furthest point of the roof going downwards. It is also important to have an organized working area, as this will save time. Make sure that the electrical appliances’ cords, such as the drill cord, are not left lying where someone could trip over them.

While working with metal roofs, UnionCorrugating.com advises to always wear rubber coated gloves to protect the hands from the sharp metal edges and to get a better grip on the roofing panels. When one needs to cut off a piece of the panel, one may use tin snips. Another option is to score them with a box cutter several times, and then bend the piece back and forth until it breaks off, producing a clean edge.

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