What Is the Best Way to Install a Desert Spring Humidifier?


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To install a Desert Spring humidifier, mount the unit on the cold air return side of any forced air heating system, and then connect the electricity, water and air supply. The Desert Spring humidifier manual, which is available online, provides detailed instructions and images about the installation process.

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Before installing the Desert Spring humidifier, select a location for installation. The best spot for the humidifier is located on the narrow cold-air return side. Enough clearance is required to make all of the necessary connections to the humidifier, water and air supply ductwork.

The humidifier also needs to be assembled before installation. When assembling the unit, configure the unit for a left or right air supply, depending on the mounting location in relation to the furnace. To mount the hanger, measure and cut a 6-inch by 7 7/8-inch hole in the return duct, or plenum. The manual has a template page that can be used to facilitate this step. Mount the hanger to the inside of the cold air plenum with screws, and place the basin on the hanger.

Once the basin is hung, make the necessary electrical and water connections. Once connected, insert the disc wheel into the humidifier, and then secure the lid. Fill the basin with water, and check for any leaks. Lastly, connect the flexible duct from the hot air supply to the humidifier.

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