What Is the Best Way to Install Caps on Retaining Walls?

The best way to install caps on retaining walls is to use a masonry saw to cut the blocks for a tight fit, ensuring a smooth surface, especially if there are curves in the wall. A properly capped retaining wall provides a bench-like surface that is sturdy enough to support anyone wanting to sit on the wall.

While the blocks used for the body of the retaining wall are trapezoidal in shape, allowing the installer to create curves in the wall, the cap stones are square and lighter in weight. If not properly adhered, bumps from lawn equipment often knock them from their location. While it is possible to cut blocks for the wall itself using a hammer and chisel, most homeowners want a more finished look for the cap. A diamond masonry blade gives a straight cut for a nice-looking finish. Tool rental stores stock masonry saws and blades.

A masonry adhesive is a good option to ensure the cap remains in place. With a design for use in a standard caulking gun, the adhesive is easy to apply. Installers find it possible to adjust stones before the adhesive dries. Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford suggests using the adhesive for adhering the stacking blocks, giving a more solid finished wall.